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Concerning Dreadwidth

Dreamwidth's been live for a little over a month, so I figured I owed a post explaining how I'm going to use that in re: primary journal vs. secondary journal, and livejournal.

I made a sticky post about it, which should sum up my thoughts. Livejournal is going to be my primary journal: where I hang; where I keep up with you guys; where I post most of my entries. I haven't crossposted to dreamwidth all that much and I think that mode is going to continue. Some things will be crossposted; some won't. If I'm reading you on livejournal, I'm not going to add you to my dreamwidth reading list. In the future, I might begin to use dreamwidth more, but while it's in beta, I'm going to stick to what I know.

So there's that.

I did however code my layout onto dreamwidth, which therefore makes me awesome. I used this tutorial to do it. It was remarkably helpful.
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