from the people who brought you stalin: (earlwyn) wrote,
from the people who brought you stalin:

Yuletide Letter

Stuff goes here.

Dear Magic Yuletide Writer of Awesome,

Hello! You are expecting a letter, and rightly so. And I shall write one for you! [ETA: And here it is!] And it will be full of flail and excitement and far too much information that is likely to terrify and overwhelm you, for which I will apologise in advance now. I am verbose and like a happily wiggly puppy about Yuletide. Whoops.

However, it will probably still take me a few days to write it as, unfortunately, real life > Yuletide at the moment. (I know, I know; what is this madness?) I hope in your stress and excitement and shared flail a few days delay will not be too much bother. You will have a letter by Friday at the latest. So don't stress! If you think something is a good idea, I will love, love, love what you write.

And if you do not have an idea right now, I will give you eight hundred thousand things what I love and if you take one of them and write me something, I will roll all over you in the comment section professing my deep, abiding glee.

If you're still stuck with questions, I may direct you to make any inquiries to hobbit_feets. She shares my brain.
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