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[ calls into the Void ] Helloooo??

Psst. LJ. Are you awake? Do you still exist? Does anyone still read this? Inquiring minds and all that.

I wanted to say hi again.

So what have I done in five years since I last updated? Well I moved to London, and recently moved back to the US from London. While in London, I got both my BA and my Masters, specialising in digital communications. I wrote my Masters thesis on animated GIFs. Because hilarious. I got sucked into the swampy pit that is Supernatural fandom and have been living my fannish live there for the past three and a half years. I stopped writing fic (THO SOON. SOON YOU WILL SEE A THING) and started making graphics. I dated a lot of people. I got my heart broken a couple times. My dog got cancer (but is right now in remission). I got a Tumblr, where I feel very old indeed. If you are also on Tumblr, you should follow me. Nnnn, I think that's it.

My icons seem very strange now and many of them are irrelevant to my interests. (Also wtf is up with this new update format?)
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