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Dear SPN-J2-BigBang Artist:


Thank you so much for choosing my fic! I am so excite to see the art you make! I did DCBB15 last year, so this is only my second time completing a big bang (and we're going to use the term "complete" hella loosely here right now). So if you don't know what you're doing, then awesome! Because neither do I. And if you are a long-time pro at being a big bang artist, please, please feel free to tell me if you need something from me and/or if I am being too flail-y at you. It's hard for me to conceptualize the line between "someone making art based on my fic" yet not "someone making art for me". This also gets hard for me because I am a designer in real life who works with clients, so I might accidentally default to trying to relate to this as a work project.

Also! Please don't freak out if you don't hear from me in a timely fashion. I will definitely try to hold to the deadlines, whatever they may be. But this week is also Hell Week for me at work and there's a strong chance I'm not going to be at my laptop until Friday-ish. (I'm doing remote stuff at a client location all week.) I also very often wind up working weekends, because my job doesn't like to stay in its confines of 40 hours M-F. So sometimes the only time I have to reply to personal email or check Tumblr/LJ is randomly at 3AM.

Other than those scheduling caveats, I'm totally excited to work with you and show you my fic!

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