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Right. And so now I'm going to talk about yuletide. Or, rather, I mean:


That is more apropos.

I adore yuletide, you guys. It plays a huge part in the Proper Holiday Experience for me. Every year round about July, I start to get excite for it, and draft my letter, and sort through fandoms I either want to request or offer. (You'd think six months preparation would mean I don't have a mad freak-out when sign-ups open about what fandoms to put down and how to construct prompts. BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. I still freak with the best of them, and panic, and do the tongue-in-corner-of-mouth thing as I weigh Fandom A over Fandom B, and decide whether I most want to request a certain fic idea or write it myself. WHICH WILL BE MORE FUN? WHO KNOWS. BOTH, is often the answer.)

That amount of love and excitement probably means I'm one of the most awful recipients to write for. Despite all my best intentions to remain level-headed and cool, my expectations still shoot WAY UP when I see I have a story waiting for me. I think it will be the BEST STORY IN THE WORLD. It will be the most GENIUS THING EVER LAID DOWN BY THE HAND OF FANDOM. Which is probably not the sort of pressure even the most confident writer wants placed on their shoulders. It seems like disappointment is inevitably just around the corner. (Hiii, any future yuletide writers who clicked through my yuletide tag. All of the above is a joke. Except for how it's not. I AM SO SORRY, OKAY, I JUST GET REALLY EXCITED LIKE A SMALL PUPPY HAPPY TO SEE YOU WHO THEN PEES ON THE RUG. Go write what you love; then I will love it too and flail at you in capslock.)

But THIS YEAR, you guys, oh man. THIS YEAR. This year that raging, flailing spasm gripped me harder than ever. AND THEN I READ THE STORY AND IT WAS EVEN BETTER THAN I EXPECTED.

The Existing Scheme of Things, a Doctor Who/Worst Journey in the World crossover. OF EPIC AWESOME. It is the most amazing thing ever, no lie. ♥

Now I love Worst Journey in the World. (Hush, those of you in the back saying that smug, "I know you do, Kat." Not everyone knows yet!) I think you should know and love Worst Journey in the World too. If you don't yet, here's your chance! Let the Doctor and Amy introduce you the men who have stolen my heart and consumed my fannish soul for the last five months. The writing is tight, the voices are superb, and it made me cry -- not once! but SEVERAL TIMES. MOSTLY IN GLEE. (It may be stupidly easy to get me to cry over Cherry being tragic but crying over the joy of Cherry and Birdie seeing the universe? Priceless.)

If that is not reason enough for you to check it out (for shame! it should be: what are you waiting for?), I have assembled a handy-dandy picspam for your perusal.

by earlwyn
(also doubles as a brief character introduction to why I dig these guys so much)

The tricky thing about Worst Journey is that it is both a BBC drama written by and starring Mark Gatiss, but it is also a book written by Cherry (♥), the actualfax explorer whom I like to moon over. And I requested fic for both. And got fic tagged under both. So you kind of have your pick of what face you'd like to imagine.

Here is Cherry as played by Gatiss:

Just look at his sad puppy face. He is the best sad puppy in the world.

And here is the real Cherry, togged up all handsome in his war uniform after the Expedition:

He's pretty awesomely adorable.

This is Birdie Bowers, as done by "TV's own Lee Ingleby".

And the actual Birdie Bowers, who was AWESOME, with his "demented determination" and "strong natural cheerfulness" (as described by Cherry). Birdie had a habit of concussing himself and falling down crevasses head first -- including NINE TIMES down NINE DIFFERENT CREVASSES in the space of TWENTY MINUTES. Perhaps appropriately, he also designed the most reliable manoeuvre with which to pull people out of crevasses. (The BAMF part comes in when you realise that he did this while hanging upside down in a crevasse himself in -70F degree weather.)

Birdie is the one on the right in the awesome hat. The dude with his legs crossed is Bill, who is also pretty awesome, but he doesn't factor into the fic so you don't need to know about him yet. For all that Birdie is totally adorable, or, as Cherry says, "I have such a vivid admiration for him that when I have written about him I am afraid to appear extravagant. He is for one thing a living example to me that looks do not matter", Lee Ingleby is hella prettier to perv over and we here in the Land of Porn are shallow. (But dude, seriously: look at his hat; aw, Birdie. ♥)

The other one you should know it Atkinson AKA Atch AKA the coolest ship's surgeon ever to go to Antarctica. I love Atch. Atch, who says things like, "On the whole, I don't mind you but sometimes I really hate you," when Birdie makes him scale steep snow drifts. Gatiss, apparently, does not sufficiently understand Atch's awesome (either that, or Atch has no real relevance to the Winter Journey and the quest for the penguin eggs, which is the tiny, tiny bit of the full expedition Gatiss's drama surrounds). So for Atch, you only get one picture! The man himself!

Atch is totes more awesome than you.

I ALSO want to recommend another awesome fic, not a part of yuletide, but it was written as a holiday treat for me by the always fabulous shutterbug_12: Accidentally on Purpose. Iron Man fic where Tony is SO ADORABLE OH GOD I LOVE IT. Again, she nails the voices. Do read.
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Next time I visit you, I demand to see that film. With the Gatiss. Just so you know.
*chortles happily* Ohoho. That can be easily arranged. :D :D
Iron Man fic: d'awwww X3

I kind of want to go show Worst Journey to some other people, like having a showing at JazzyCon or something. You're a terrible influence.
I know nothing of this influence of which you speak. I am over here, doing my own thing. IF YOU HAPPEN TO FIND IT ENTICING THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM EH? EH?

I think you should allow for a Worst Journey Guide at Jazzycon, in order to properly appreciate the intricacies of the narrative. Mm-hmm.
Ffffffffff that icon + your comment = dying of laughter

It has long been my opinion that Gatiss' body needs to be thoroughly explored for the benefit of science. Let us put this to the Royal Institution!
It's an application process, requring either experience or enthusiam. (Enthusiam counts for much, natch. Since I... don't think any of us has the experience yet.)

Then we just need a few financial backers! Surely it won't be hard to drum up the money...
I would just like to take a moment to say your fannish flailing over Worst Journey makes me so happy I can only express myself with an excess of emoticons:

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Also: Atch is indeed awesome! Go Atch!
:D :D :D :D, in return with a heaping of pointless punctuation for good measure: !!! :D

I am all about the flail and glee. They are so awesome, I cannot restrain myself.

(Also, aw, man, icon. Gatiss. Way to be sad and alone in the snow like the giant EMOKID Cherry secretly wants to be.)
I have only just read that fic, but now I would like to agree that it is AMAZINNNNNG. The only thing wrong with it is, of course, that it didn't really happen. Something that I think should be remedied. Perhaps Mr. Gatiss could knock up a fic-realisation-device in his lab?

Thank you for the picspam. ♥ I am always appreciative of people who are pretty/BAMFs/both.

(I know what you mean about Yuletide, too. Except I always presume I shouldn't worry about it and don't even think about planning. Then, when I'm filling out the form, I realise that I can't narrow down my list of requests to less than twenty and end up dehabilitated by indecision for up to three days.)
The only thing wrong with it is, of course, that it didn't really happen.

Shhh! *covers ears* That's totally how it happened and I live happily in denial. Though I would be all for Gatiss doing the BBC4 adaptation. I long to see Matt Smith and Lee Ingleby play football with their ridic spazzy skinny selves in low gravity. I pine for it.

I am tempted to do a massive, plotful Worst Journey picspam, to save people the effort of watching the thing/reading the book themselves. It would please me to no end to cull all the best parts and display them prettily. For, as you say, pretty BAMFs are never a bad thing.

Yuletide is tricky like that. Too much awesome in one place can be overwhelming. I'm impressed you can sort it in three days. I still there for a week agonising. I think keeping a running list of fandoms through the year actively works against me, since I feel quite bad for the things I love in January that I always overturn in favour for something else in November. Those fandoms deserve love too. *frets*