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Yuletide Letter

Dear Magic Yuletide Writer of Awesome,

First, let me just say how wonderful you are and how excited I am you are writing for me. Yay!

Second, let me apologise for terrifying you with the verbosity and ridiculousness of my prompts. I never know how to write those, and so I just blab on and on over whatever comes to mind regardless of how off-putting and startling it might be to someone who does not share my brain. I assure you that it comes only from a place of EPIC ENTHUSIASM AND LOVE for these fandoms, and as such, you should take it as proof that I will de facto love anything you write for me. Really: anything. Take a deep breath and relax. You are stellar and marvellous and happily have my permission to ignore any of the inconsequential details. The only thing I’d ask you to respect is the warnings section of this letter (second paragraph under the cut).

Now, maybe you are the type of writer who, like me, wants prompts and details and psychological insights in order to finally write The One Story You Never Knew You Wanted to Write (Let Alone Anyone Would Want to Read). You are the clean slate, the open book, the blank page, the ready-and-willing gung-ho kid just waiting for me to pour the desires from the depth of my subconscious right into your brain, where you will swirl it around and mix it up with your subconscious, and produce something New and Strange, But Somehow Awesome. If that is you, no worries! I have your back. Just click the cut-link and the Magical Doors to My Id will open!

Things That Makes Me Roll Around and Get All Sweaty and Generally Fall in Love: Friendship. Pining. Painfully awkward but sincere confessions of affection. First kisses. Snow. Christmas. Crossdressing. Language-porn (i.e. if you have a background in linguistics or have a handy-dandy copy of Chaucer in reach, I love unusual, archaic words.) Female Characters Being Awesome. When characters are cold or sick or tired or otherwise not at their best. Fusions. Plot. Literary references. Historical references. Horrible, godawful metaphors that also happen to be hilarious. Horrible, godawful puns that also happen to be hilarious. Unreliable narrators. Semi-colons. The em dash. Present tense.

Things That Turn Me Off Completely: Non-con. A character being in position of complete powerlessness or helplessness. Bondage. Whipping. Belts. In-text or otherwise narratively permitted sexism, racism, cis-sexism, heterosexism, classism, or any other *ism you can think up. Epitaphs (The dark-haired man, the older woman, etc.). First-person. Omniscient narrators. Multiple POVs. Improper punctuation or misspelt words should go without saying.

Still want more details? No? Have them anyway! Specifics on each fandom:

King's Speech -- George VI / Queen Elizabeth / Lionel Logue

What I said was: So, basically my entire love for this film can be summed up as LIONEL. <3 Tel me about Lionel. Anything about him: his past, his future, his friendship with Bertie. What's it like being a friend to the King? Do their families ever meet? I'd also love to see Liz and Lionel forming a friendship. The heart of this film for me is the relationship between Bertie and Lionel and Liz; anything featuring the three of them would be fantastic.

What I meant was: I think the fic I want most for this fandom would secretly be entitled The One Where Liz and Lionel Become Awesome Awkward Arse-Kicking Friends, where Liz is a little bit prickly and prim and practical, and Lionel is a little eccentric and kind and determined, and they both just want the best for Bertie (even if they don't always agree on what that is). Seriously, you could probably take the three of them and set them in, like. Space. Or on a pirate ship. Or make them go to Hogwarts. (Cracky side note: if you want to do a weird AU, OH MY GOD ONNA PIRATE SHIP. :D I am just sayin'.) If Liz and Lionel are the get-shit-done, taking-names and pulling-(elegant, clever)-punches, bickering and awkwarding and protecting Bertie, I will love it to a million pieces. They're the two characters that make that film for me, with Bertie the link between them, and I'd love to see more of their interaction. I don't think Bertie would manage as King without either of them. They both guide him in different ways (and sometimes different directions) and act as his support network. I'm interested in that, how insular it would be for the three of them, and how they cope with that.

If that's not up your alley, something centred on either Lionel or Liz would also be appreciated. Tell me about what Liz was like as a girl before she met Bertie or their courtship. Tell me about Lionel wanting to be an actor. Backstory is delicious, as is future-fic.

Genfic is more my style, or the friendship(s) between each of them, but if OT3 calls out to you and woos you and you feel compelled to get it down in writing, I am totally willing to be convinced. Poly relationships intrigue me, and Geoffrey Rush has strangely attractive hands.

I also admit to being a history geek, and though I do not know very much specifically about George VI, if you are also a history geek and want to include ALL THE HISTORICAL REFERENCES, I will bow down and adore you. I have a narrative kink for stories set during WWII, and the hardships of war, and the bleakness, and the helplessness.

J.M. Barrie - Peter Pan -- George Darling / Captain Hook / Peter Pan

I said: I'd really love a fic exploring identity of George Darling and James Hook, and both of their relations to Peter Pan. Specifically, I find it interesting in terms of the practice of the same actor playing both roles. Is James Hook the reverse side of the coin of George Darling? Their individual histories with Peter Pan or their relation to each other would be awesome.

What I meant was: Meta prompt is meta. XD If you are now blinking at your screen, brow furrowed, slightly wrong-footed about how to proceed when all you really wanted to do was write a fairy tale, have no fear! I like my meta but I also like my good stories, plain and simple.

I love Peter Pan for being secretly tragic, and the themes of growing up, and forgetfulness, and the casual callousness of children. Any time I read it, I'm left with that delicious feeling of melancholy nostalgia for Peter, for always being young and adventurous, but also selfish and timid of the adult world. I love the double-edge blade of innocence, that it protects children as well as makes them cruel and ignorant. I love the idea that there is something special and magical and vital left behind in childhood when people grow up, even as it still makes me sad to think of Peter never growing up and having an adult relationship to the world.

I'd love to see a fic centering around that, the adult perspective of a child, or the child perspective of an adult between Peter and Captain Hook and/or George Darling. I am especially fond of the extended canon idea that George Darling used to be a Lost Boy himself and knew Peter. I particularly thrill at the idea that Peter is chronologically the eldest, while at the same time being the younger. If you wanted to write a fluffy, wistful adventure story between Peter and George Darling as a boy that would make me giddy as a thing what giddies. If you wanted to write a fluffy, wistful adventure story between Peter and George Darling where George Darling grows up to become bitter, ruthless, unfortunate Captain Hook, I would explode with glee and kjadksjdklajl <3.

If meta-y fic is your thing, I'd love to see identity explored between Captain Hook and George Darling: their similarities, the roles they both serve, their relationship to Peter. Gen would be awesome. If you wanted to go the slash route, I'd be down with that, too. Complicated, fucked up pining (with a side order of revenge or remorse?) from either side would be more than welcome.

I'm totally in love with the time period when the play was first written. A Victorian Christmas story, Peter Pan-style, would be awesome and adored as well.

Actor RPF -- Jack Davenport

I said: I'd love something set during the filming of the three Pirates films, with JackDav hanging out with his costars being smug and wry and playful. I particularly would love to see his interaction with Johnny Depp or Keira Knightley. Or both of them, in an OT3 bff-y kind of way. If you wanted to go the on-set romance or tryst route, I would totally be up for some JackDav/Keira Knightley being adorable together. Any (loving) meta commentary on the films would not go unappreciated.

What I meant was: Basically what it says on the tin. If you've not seen JackDav's and Keira Knightley's commentary on Curse of the Black Pearl, I would totally recommend it as that is everything I love in the world combined. She keeps telling him to shut up every time he starts to talk. :3 Otherwise, all you need to do to make this the best thing ever is get a really good JackDav voice where he is mocking himself adorably.

But maybe you are not that type of writer! Maybe you are the writer who is already a volcano-cornucopia of ideas, waiting to explode and impress me with your genius! (Don't worry; I am already impressed!) You signed up with some notion of where you would like to go, and what you would like to do, and you just want a few measurements so you can tailor one of your already glorious plans to my liking. Being plunged into the swirling vortex of my subconscious will only confuse and disorient you, and get sticky id gunk all over your clothes besides. That is okay, too! I still have your back. Only please heed the warnings, and I will be yours!

Anything you write I am sure to love. You have already won my heart by offering one of these fandoms. So: don’t stress! Have fun with it. And hit up hobbit_feets if you have any questions or need help tracking down any information; she basically shares my brain.

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