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More yuletide recs

The thing about yuletide, I've come to find, is it makes me realise all the original source material I either want to view for the first time or discover again for the second. There are so many fics out there in fandoms I've heard of or maybe even read/seen before, but that I don't know well enough to know the characters or understand the references. It's like this lovely little list of fandom by pop culture.

Here are more yuletide recs. I think this may conclude my knowledge and interest in fandoms written in 2007.

8 Ways To Touch Him (Before He's Sober) Things to Do Before You're 30 | Adam/Cass | G | all hens break loose.
Honestly, I have no idea at all about this fandom, but I read this on a whim and it has the smoothest Should Get Together and Then They Do scenario I've ever read. Utterly charming.

a fucking conersation about whatever Little Miss Sunshine | Dwayne; Frank | PG-13 | A fucking conversation between Dwayne and Frank about whatever.
This is Dwayne and Frank at their best and captures the uncomfortable but funny tone of the movie just perfectly.

A Good Queen Chronicles of Narnia | Lucy; Mr. Tumnus | PG | Lucy and Mr Tumnus look east.
I have a soft spot for Lucy and Mr. Tumnus's friendship and this fic warms it quite nicely.

And I Ask for the Sea Angles in America | Harper | PG | Harper isn't lost at sea, only found.
I love Harper so much, and this is just so her. Beautifully worded, with the same kind of ephemeral brittleness that lives inside Harper.

Character Bleed RPF - Doctor Who | Simm/Tennant | R | It's not just character bleed he needs to worry about.
John Simm is kind of pretty and David Tennant is kind of pretty, and together they're really kind of pretty. Got to love anything that works off the Doctor/Master kink.

Lina Lamont's Big Revenge Singin in the Rain | Lina; Kathy | G
Lina's just a little bit wicked and a whole lot of awesome. What do the society papers have to say about her so-called downfall?

Making Time Stephen Fry - Making History | Steve; Narrator | PG-13 | None of what follows ever happened. All of what follows is entirely true.
Really, really lovely. I cannot even begin to say how lovely this is. Even if you've never read the book (Has anyone on my f'list read this book?), you need to read this.

Paper Sails Jane Austen - Persuasion | Wentworth | G | "I wish this boat could carry me to you."
This is Wentworth and his heartbreak and his love for Anne and the sea.

Rite of Passage Leon aka The Professional | Mathilda | PG-13 | Everytime Mathilda looks at someone, it's picturing two bullets, center mass.
It's Mathilda, growing up, and remembering Leon. Heartbreaking and gorgeous and perfect.

Second Grace Royal Tenenbaums | Richie/Margot | G | He brings his knees close to his chest and stares at her. "Why do we have to be secretly in love with each other?"
I love Richie and Margot, and how they don't make sense together, yet they completely do. This captures them and the awkward, strained tone of their relationship perfectly.

Sold Out Completely RPF - Beatles | Paul/John | PG-13
Paul and John trying to figure themselves out and each other and how to balance life as pop stars with being normal people and -- sigh. It's wonderfully written.

Still Life with Lipstick The Devil Wears Prada | Andy/Miranda | PG | Andy hasn't let herself go.
This isn't quite Andy from the movie, but it's a more mature Andy, moving forward and looking back and trying to find the balance between her life in fashion and her life as a journalist. Miranda is a clipped, polished, and heady as ever.

The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten The Simpsons | Milhouse | R | Milhouse is an alcoholic. Milhouse is a war correspondent. Milhouse loves Lisa.
People have recced this up and down, but what it means is that you should read it, and read it now. Milhouse is just that awesome in this.

The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down Who Framed Roger Rabbit | Almost everyone in toontown and beyond | PG-13 | CGI-animated toons are dropping like flies, and it's up to Roger and Jessica to find the killer.
Again, another one that has been recced hither and yon but it is Just. That. GOOD.

The Old Deborah Kerr Oceans 11 | Rusty; Danny | PG-13 | Being a con artist means never having to say you're sorry.
I love Rusty in this, and Danny, and how everything is told to you but isn't.

this day shall gentle his condition Good Night and Good Luck | Fred; Ed | G | We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
I love the style of this. I can't find a good way to explain why I love this so much, so I'll just let an exerpt speak for itself.

Fred finally asks, "am I talking you into this or out of it? I just want to know so I don't say the wrong thing."

Ed looks at Fred over his shoulder for a second before staring back out at nothing. "I'm not sure myself," he says. "This job was easier when we knew who, exactly, our enemies were."

Fred smiles, says, "I worry about you when you get nostalgic about the Nazis, Ed."

Tomorrow Hook | Wendy | G | Why did Peter stop coming? Why did Wendy grow up?
I just watched this movie again the other day and this is such a perfect little tie-in to it. It answers a little what it was like for Wendy to adjust back to a normal life, to allow herself to move on and not exactly forget Peter but let Peter go.

Where the Air is Clear Mary Poppins | Bert; Mary | PG | "I told you not to stay away too long."
It's Bert (!), years later, and he finally gets to have a nice little chat with Mary. Sweet and a bit sad and just a perfect Bert-voice.

Why Sex Ed Should Stay in Schools Sesame Street | Ernie/Bert | NC-17 | Bert tries several times to gain the upper hand and fails.
Uh, this is pretty horrible. But also amusing and a bit clever. And Ernie/Bert! You know it's totally canon. Um.


And one more rec, just to make it an even twenty:
Like a Leaf on the Water by penknife
Pirates of the Caribbean | R | They were both different people, once, or maybe they weren't that different after all.

This is about Mistress Cheng, and a bit about Sao Feng, but mostly Mistress Cheng from childhood to the end of AWE. It's not what I normally would read, but it's by penknife and if you've dabbled at all in the PotC fandom (There are a few people on my f'list who like PotC, right? Right?) then you know it has to be good. She spins a very rich tale of the life of Mistress Cheng, and what it means to be a femal pirate, and subtly shows where some of her personality quirks developed.

The second is being shoved down roughly among the bales by half a dozen men, and she can hear him cry out, once, before having the sense to keep quiet. He ends up coming to sit at her feet, very late in the night before dawn, and she pats him on the hair as she would a child.

"Try not to take it too hard," she says. "It's a good life, most of the time, and they'll think of you as one of them now. Try to act like it." She does not add that she has concluded that the difference between a pirate and a whore is largely one of attitude, because she is not sure it will comfort him.

I think I'm finally going to watch Voyage of the Damned now.
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